Friday 23 October 2015

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2015-10-23 22:56:10 +0000

2015-10-23 22:56:10 +0000

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Wednesday 11 March 2015

A touching love story!!

A touching love story...

What would you do if i died?
Would you get married  again?

Husband: can I think of marrying?

Why not?
You would need company...for good and bad moments....please get married

...oh are so sweet....even after death u r worrying about me...

Wife: so promise me, u will remarry if I die...

Ok, ok, i'd get married again...just for you

Would you live in our house with your
new Wife...?

Husband:Yes, but will never let her use your room.

Wife:Would you let her drive my car ?

Husband: no...
its yours...I will keep it as your memory...and buy new one..

Wife:Would you give her my jewelry?

Husband: can I...
it has your memories attached
I am sure she would want her own..

Wife: Would she wear my shoes..?

Husband: No, never
her size is '5', and yours is 7



Dont laugh alone. Pass it on 😂😂😂